Toorak College Choices 2013

    This site contains detailed descriptions of each subject from Year 9 to 12, including Areas of Study, Assessment Procedures and a description of the subject in past student's own words. You can download a Subject Selection form for your year of study, planning documents, subject selection worksheets and request forms for those students intending to study a subject from the Year level above. There is also detailed information for those students intending to study a VET course with TAFE or a University Enhancement Course with Monash University.

Students will spend time deciding on their proposed course using the available resources, after which time they will fill in an online subject form. Students will also be required to submit a signed subject selection form to their Tutor. These choices will allow the School Principal to decide upon the number of classes that will run in 2012.

Make sure that you choose subjects that you enjoy studying.

Toward the end of Term 3 2012, the number of classes will be decided and the blocks created. From that point on you have to choose subjects from each block.

Mr Steve Hubbard
Head of Studies

Year 12


Year 11


Year 10


Year 9


Year 8
  • Students have to choose between the study of German and Japanese.


Year 7
  • Students have to choose between the study of French, German and Japanese.



2013 Learning Booklets

  1. 7 to 9 Learning Booklet 2013
  2. 10 to 12 Learning Booklet 2013

2012 VET Studies Booklets

  1. Childrens-Services-2012
  2. Clothing-2012
  3. Community-Rec-2012
  4. Dance-2012
  5. Equine-2012
  6. Hospitality-Kitchen-Operations-2012
  7. Interactive-Digital-Media-2012
  8. Justice-2012
  9. Lab-skills-2012
  10. Music-Industry-2012
  11. Outdoor-Recreation-2012
  12. Beauty 2012
  13. Health and Community Care 2012
  14. Tourism 2012


VET Information



Last updated: 06/08/2012